Indulge yourself in our unique cuisine as you revel in the inviting ambiances of our main dining room and terrace. Enjoy a variety of dishes that reflect the regional gastronomy, and recreate national and international favorites with local Amazon flair. All dishes are made with top-quality natural ingredients.

You can also enjoy a refreshing beverage in our Amazonian-hut inspired bar area and relax as you look out over the Utcubamba River – the perfect place to create and share unforgettable moments.


Breakfast: 06:30 hrs - 10:00 hrs / Lunch: 12:00 hrs - 15:00 hrs / Dinner: 18:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs

Disfruta de la gastronomía regional con insumos orgánicos de calidad.

Muchos de los insumos con los que trabajamos son cultivados en nuestro huerto Achamaqui

Ceviche Achamaqui

Chaufa Amazónico

Coca Sour

Lomo Saltado

Juane Regional

Aguaymanto Sour


Our natural pantry. With our privileged climate, and the dedication and passion of the Achamaqui team, we are able to bring the countryside into the kitchen. A wonderful way to appreciate simplicity in the day to day, and to communicate the importance of consuming consciously and naturally.


We are very proud of the work our regional agriculture and livestock suppliers do. Likewise, we respect and support those who produce consciously, considering nature and our collective future. Thus, we look to establish alliances with local producers in order to both support the local economy and environmental conservation.