Casa Hacienda Achamaqui

02 October 2019

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Paddington Bear in Casa Hacienda Achamaqui

The stories and experiences of our guests in Achamaqui are diverse and many of them full of great emotions, this time we share the story of our client Miriella, who decided to tell her niece, in England, about her hike to our sarcophagus in a way very creative and tender, using Paddington Bear as the protagonist.

The Paddington Bear (Paddington Bear) is a classic character from the children’s literatura UK, and although few know, this bear has Peruvian origin.

Dear Amelia,
Guess where I am?

That’s right, I am in deepest darkest Peru!  Howcool is that.

It was a long journey to gethere.  First we had to fly from England to Lima which was 12 hours on a plane.  Then we had to get anotherplane to Jaen.  Auntie Mireille said Jaen airport was the smallest airport she has everbeen to.  Then we had to drive 4 hours through the edge of the Amazon and mountains to get to our hotel in Chachapoyas.

Our hotel is right by a river thatgoes all the way down to the river Amazon.

We went on a small hike when we arrived.  Here is me crossing the river on the bridge.  It was a bit wobbly. 

We climbed up the mountain along a very small path.  Good for small bearslike me but not so good for Uncle Richard, he doesn’t like heights.

At the top we found some very old ruins.  These are over 1000 years old.

The windows and doors were Paddington Bear size.  Maybe my ancestors livedhere.

Here is me with Auntie Mireille.

Here is uncle Richard.  He was smiling because the path was wider here.  It was very pretty.

At the top was this statue.  Can yousee it hidden in the rocks.  The people who lived here a long time ago used to build these to protect them.

Here is a closer photo.

On the way down we found lots of old pottery.  It made me feel like an archaeologist.  Auntie Mireille found some pottery lying on the path so she moved it onto the ledge so it was safe and nobody could stand on it.  It would be a shameif somebody destroyed something 1000 years old by standing accidentallyon it.  I wonder if they kept marmalade in these pots a long time ago?

Then it was time to go back to the hotel.  Don’t tell uncle richard but auntie Mireille thinks shesaw a giant spider on the way home, may have been a tarantula.

I think I will sleep well after allthat exploring and excitement.

Lots of love

Paddington Bear