Continuamente nos capacitamos, desarrollamos actividades y promovemos el cambio de hábitos que afectan a nuestro entorno, con el fin de contribuir con la protección del medio ambiente.We are continuously learning about how to make positive changes; developing eco-conscious activities, and promoting the change of habits that negatively affect our surroundings, with the goal of contributing to the conservation and protection of our environment.

Less plastic at Achamaqui!

Our first mission was to identify our consumption habits, after which we launched the Achamaqui “REDUCE PLASTIC USE” campaign. Through this, we eliminated the use of plastic straws

– Replacing them with a stainless-steel version.

– We eliminated the use of Styrofoam and we replaced it with biodegradable container options.

– We replaced the purchase of beverages in plastic containers for those in glass containers.

Let us work together for a plastic-free Peru!

Eco Coaching

The change begins at home, with you. Thus, our team at Achamaqui undergoes continuous training through environmental management, waste management, and sustainable tourism workshops – among others. Through this, we look to constantly contribute to the conservation of our planet, both in and out of Achamaqui.

Sustainability Policy

To ensure a sustainable future in which natural resources are respected and preserved, and human development is promoted, commitments must be made. In that light, we follow a series of sustainability policies that guide our actions and development:


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