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21 January 2019

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Global Big Day (GBD) – Peru 2018 Amazonas Region

2018: We have been preparing to regain the title

The 4th edition of Global Big Day is celebrated this May 5. In the 2017 edition, more than 20 thousand people from more than 145 countries went bird watching, recording a total of approximately 6635 species. Peru has won two titles, in 2015 and in 2016; people recorded 1183 and 1240 species, respectively. In 2017, we didn’t get the three consecutive years award, despite recording 1332 species; we had more than 800 participants working in 380 teams that covered 652 locations throughout Peru. This year the objective is to regain the title and highlight the great biodiversity of our country.


It’s a 24-hour event (from 00:00 to 23:50 hrs) and it’s about getting people all over the world to come out and collectively find as many bird species as possible. The goal is to draw attention to its importance and conservation.

Peruvians from different regions are preparing for this event, organizing groups of volunteers to be part of this; of course the Amazon region cannot go unnoticed. It is important to remember that this region has 50% of bird species registered in Peru so far.


In Chachapoyas, many organizations and citizens have started a group of volunteers called “Los Pinchinchurs”, who will travel to different locations on May 5 to contribute to this logging. For this purpose, they began a training process last weekend, they have theoretical and practical sessions.

Foto: Jessica Muñoz

The first practical session was held last Sunday at hotel Casa Hacienda Achamaqui, a privileged place for bird watching; the hotel is committed to bird conservation; and therefore, to this event.

Foto: Jessica Muñoz

Only in a few hours “Los Pichinchurs” managed to record about 40 species. These are some of the species registered:

Oriole Blackbird (Gymnomystax Mexicanus)

Foto: Mirtha Zagaceta

Spot-Throated Hummingbird (Leucippus Taczanowski)

Foto: Mirtha Zagaceta

Streaked Saltator (Saltator Striatipectus)

Foto: Mirtha Zagaceta

We invite you to be a part of this great event, and discover all the biodiversity that the Amazon Region has to offer. Join this great day and let’s show the world that Peru is a megadiverse country!

Foto: Manuel Cabañas

For more information, visit the official website: and join the group of volunteers in Amazonas; contact: