Casa Hacienda Achamaqui is part of the Mushuj Runa Network, and organization comprised of Peruvian businesses located in the Amazon region that are interested in contributing to the development of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM.

To accomplish this, the network looks to promote and implement management actions that value the region’s culture, preserves natural resources, and contribute to the bettering of local life quality and the conservation of the surrounding natural environment.


To promote sustainable tourism in the Amazon region through the implementation of actions connected to social development and environmental conservation.

Shared Vision

To be a network of consolidated and recognized promoters within the sustainable tourism sector, with a positive impact in the Amazon Region.

Some of our main principals.

- COHERENCE: consistency between what we say and what we do.

- SOLIDARITY: contribution to the improved quality and continued development of local life.

- RESPECT: Essential for the harmonious coexistence among communities.

- GENDER EQUALITY: We believe in equal rights – without breaches or limitations.

- COMPROMISE: Contribution to the sustainable development of our region and our country.


- To generate reflection about and focus on sustainability in the region.

- To promote fair trade within the region.

- To promote constant learning and exchange between suppliers and members of the network.

- To raise awareness about and promote the value of the local culture and its traditions.