Here at Casa Hacienda Achamaqui we are concerned about the future. We believe in the importance of participating in environmental conservation and in joint growth. Thus, we propose different strategies and actions that are oriented towards the development of sustainable tourism activities.

Eco Achamaqui

We are all responsible; the change begins in the home. We value our natural surroundings are conscious of their importance on a smaller and larger scale. Therefore, we promote values and actions to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Join us! We invite you to enjoy your trip in an environmentally responsible way!

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Achamaqui Restaurant

Enjoy a culinary experience inspired by the tastes and traditions of the Amazon region. Our restaurant showcases the best that local gastronomy has to offer, as well as an assortment of national and international favorites infused with our personal touch.

We use high quality, natural ingredients from our Achamaqui farm and from some of the best producers in the Amazon region.


Qhatu Achamaqui

QHATU, is a Quechua word that means market. At Achamaqui, our Qhatu is a small space designed to introduce our guests to the cultural expressions and products from this region. Visitors can enjoy and/or purchase a small selection of goods that showcases the impressive work of diverse Amazonian artisans and craftspeople, which include: ceramics, 100% natural cotton and wool weavings, decorative pieces and sculptures made from local Wood or walnut wood, coffee, and local honey, among many other treasures.

Acquire one of these pieces and/or products and take some of the Amazon home with you. We invite you to enjoy these fabulous crafts and goods!


Sustainable Network

Casa Hacienda Achamaqui is part of the MUSHUJ RUNA network, which is made up of diverse private businesses located across the Amazon region, that are committed to the responsible development of the region’s tourism potential, and believe in the need for dedicated and sustainable tourism.

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